how to create FTP accounts using cpannel

create FTP accounts using cpannel

In this post, I will show you how to create FTP accounts using the channel. Cpanel is the most widely used Control panel for web hosting providers. To create FTP accounts :

1. Login to Cpanel. Logging in to Cpanel is easy. Just punch in the panel URL in your browser and hit enter. You will see the panel login page with its logo


2. On the Cpanel Home, Scroll to Files and click on FTP accounts.


3. Create the account you want. Fill up the details as asked. Below is a screen capture of how it looks along with an explanation of each field.


Login: Put the username to login to your account, Like your name or something else which you can use to login to this FTP account.

Password: Password will be the password used to authenticate this account. Use a not easy guessable password.

Directory name: Put the name of the directory which will be the home for this user. Mean to say, when you log in using this account, you will be in this directory. it’s a good idea to put a directory name similar to the purpose you are using this account for like personal data or backup or music or something else you say.

Quota: This is the max limit of disk space for this user. If you have an unlimited plan then you can go for unlimited otherwise limit the quota for each user account.

4. Hit create FTP account: hit Create FTP account and you are done!. the account has been created.

Now you are ready to use your FTP with the username and password you just generated.

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Force Windows to Shutdown Quickly

Force Windows to Shutdown Quickly

Sometimes we are in quite hurry and need to shut down the computer faster, but if we have some programs running, Windows Does not let us do that, instead of presents us with a pointless message box asking to Kill many tasks manually. That irritates and the point is we know we have to shut down the computer As soon as possible, If not we could have closed everything and then shutdown, Right? So, How can we force windows to shut down quickly?

Force Windows to Shutdown Quickly

Can we tell the computer to kill applications forcefully without asking ?

Yes, In this Registry tip, We are going to see how can we modify some hidden settings to force windows shutdown quickly.

Let’s Do it
Open Registry Editor
Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop”.
In Right Side,Right click anywhere and select New = > String Value
Name it “HungAppTimeOut” (without quotes)
Double click on this new value and enter 1000 (1000 is millisecond value)
Close the registry editor and you are done.
Now Next time, It wont ask you to kill anything instead will kill the apps in 1 second. So you have just force windows to shutdown quickly instead of taking much time.

Be careful while editing the registry, It’s very easy to make mistakes in registry and mess up the with the computer. If something goes wrong, Don’t Panic and try reverting what you have done.

You can ask for help in comments below anytime.

So, What you think ? Sounds easy ?

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Five Things You Need To Do for Faster Internet Connection

Five Things You Need To Do for Faster Internet Connection

Without an internet connection truly means that it is impossible for us to be able to connect to the internet. We cannot browse, check our email, download and upload a file from the internet because we don’t have an internet link that will link our computer to the internet world known as World Wide Web (

Five Things You Need To Do for Faster Internet Connection

Our internet connection can work negatively, but we just need to make sure that it works better at every point in time. If your connection is becoming slower or it is not currently working the way it uses to do before, then, you are in the right place to solve the problem. Here in this article are the top five things that you most needed to do for your net connection to start working faster anytime, anywhere.

Upgrade Your Computer Memory 

Your computer memory needs to be upgraded to a faster and more spacious one if you still need a fast internet connection. If you don’t want to make browsing the internet faster and secure a mirage for yourself, you need to make sure that your computer memory has more space to make it work faster than how it was presently working. In addition, if your computer hard disk is very small or if it is almost full, it will better for you to change it and use another one that has more space and capacity.

Download Fewer Files from Net

Whatever you download from the internet is only possible because of your internet connection existence; you can’t download anything from the internet if you don’t have an internet access. You need to avoid downloading too many internet files as this will help you in saving some bandwidth for your future internet connection needs without hassle.

Choose the Best Time to Browse

The time to get the best internet experience is always at night or early in the morning. If you want to continue getting faster internet access, you should make sure to change the time you’re browsing the internet. Don’t browse the internet at the very time when there are many people on the internet. In your area, the amount of people that are accessing the internet at a particular point in time has a lot to do with your connection performance, so change your internet browsing time.

Use the Firewall to Protect Your Connection

Windows firewall and many other firewall applications are made to help us protect our privacy and computer from unauthorized access to our file and data. It will be okay if you can make use of the windows firewall software on your computer to protect it from hackers because this will help you to get faster connection at the end than using your net access without a firewall which might make it more easier for hacker to connect to your internet connection and start sharing bandwidth with you..

Browse When Needed, Don’t Waste Your Connection Bandwidth

The main fact is that you really want to have a faster internet access. Before this can be achieved, you need to forgo most of the things that you normally used to do with your internet connection. If you don’t have anything to do on the internet, there is no need of you going to the internet because you will be wasting some of your internet connection bandwidth in the process and since there is no goal set for that browsing time, you can found yourself in the wrong place on the net that can affect you negatively.

Surfing the internet from sites to sites is a signal that you are very close to getting yourself scammed on the internet. People without internet connection goal are the ones that normally fall prey of hackers on the internet and you too must avoid this if you don’t want the unavoidable situation to arise.

When you know what you wanted to do on the internet, it will be easier for you to set appropriate time to execute the tasks and thereby save your internet connection bandwidth.