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About OORT

OORT is a technology based on intelligent devices that lets you control your whole living environment with a single app. It’s simple, universal and created to bring comfort & peace of mind for its users.

Thanks to it we’ve built a whole ecosystem consisting of smart devices, smart sensors, mobile app and cloud platform.

OORT SmartHome

OORT SmartHome enables you to connect to and control your home or office from anywhere. Our technology is based on Bluetooth Smart, which allows for direct smartphone-todevice communication. Our rules engine enables you to configure automatic actions between connected devices, and natively interact with various wearables.


OORT SmartHome enables you to connect to and control your home or office from anywhere.


Our Technology Transforms Ordinary

Devices Into Connected Ones

We empower appliance, electronic and electric device manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively transform their current products into Bluetooth and Internet connected ones.


OORT is the first,
patent-pending technology to:

Turn any existing device into a distribution-ready, connected one within 6-9 months

Prepare & manage the process from an idea to mass production

Create a prototype within hours without any changes in original hardware of existing product

Deliver a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution

We provide:


We Build Customized IoT Solutions

For Business Partners

Our technology platform is both versatile and scalable. OORT offers highly customized B2B and B2B2C solutions consisting of hardware, software and analytics for:


Bluetooth Breakthrough Award Finalist
CES 2015 Envisioneering Innovation & Design Award Winner
Trailblazers Awards Winner
The Most Exciting company at Bluetooth Media Event in New York 2014
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Award Winner
Orange FAB Award Winner

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Radek Tadajewski
Wizard of OORT


Krzysztof Maziarz
Chief Software Officer
Szymon Janiak
Chief Marketing Officer
Adam Handzlik
Chief Technology Officer

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  • Can I change any device into smart one on my own?
    Our goal is to work with every off-the-shelf smart home device you can purchase. Bluetooth is compatible with many products thanks to profiles. If the device have those profiles, it will work with OORT system after applying Bluetooth Smart Controller. You can do it on your own, however it requires a little bit of technical skills.
    Take a look at how to change a standard coffee maker into remotely controlled here.
  • Can I monitor and control devices in my home from anywhere?
    Yes. We want to give you peace of mind and the feeling of control, no matter where you are. When you are not at home, you can connect to the OORT SmartHub via the internet to monitor and control all of your connected devices.
  • Do you plan on supporting Windows Phone?
    Our main focus is iOS and its ecosystem as well as Android. However, we plan to support other devices in the future.
  • Does it work wirelessly?
    Due to the implementation of Bluetooth SMART and WiFi technologies, OORT requires no wired connections.
  • Does OORT consume a lot of energy?
    We care for our planet and are very eco-conscious ourselves. That’s why we designed OORT to be extremely power-efficient, though the use of Bluetooth SMART technology.
  • Does OORT work only in houses?
    We don’t believe in setting limits because the only limit is your own creativity. That’s why we encourage you to use OORT wherever you think it may be suitable. And if you do so, let us know, we may improve the system so it fits better there.
  • How do I pair devices?
    Ease of use is important for users and we have a short pairing process that can be completed within just a few minutes. All you have to do is find a device in range using your smartphone, name it and add it to your group. Pairing devices with OORT SmartHub is also that simple, the difference is that you do it via a web browser at your private account.
  • How does OORT work?
    Devices can be controlled directly via Bluetooth SMART within the range with the OORT mobile app available on iOS and Android. If users purchase a Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi compatible OORT SmartHub, devices can be controlled from any place with internet access via a mobile device (iOS or Android) or a standard web browser.
  • How is the SmartHub powered?
    The OORT SmartHub has a standard power supply.
  • I have a device you don’t work with. How can I request it?
    We’re constantly extending the list of devices we work with, so let us know which one is of your interest and we will try to make it happen.
  • Is buying OORT a one-time payment or does it have any hidden costs?
    Our goal is to make OORT an affordable set of devices for everyone. There will be no hidden costs, at all. Also, we’ve decided to offer the mobile app for free.
  • Is it hard to use?
    Simplicity is a core belief for us. While inventing and building OORT, we managed to tremendously simplify the process of connecting OORT to external devices. It is completely automatic and takes just a few seconds, so you can start using it right away.
  • Is it necessary to have a working Internet connection to use OORT?
    OORT devices have been thoughtfully designed to work with any Bluetooth SMART device, regardless of Internet connection. The OORT SmartHub, however, does require access to the Internet in order for users to manage devices remotely.
  • Is the OORT ecosystem safe?
    As our ecosystem helps to secure all of your most important things, we designed our system with security in mind. At the same time, we believe that users should be free to personalize devices to meet their needs, so we provide options for users to decide how to secure their personal OORT networks. A user can decide to allow every device in range access to the ecosystem or make all of the communications password-protected.
  • I’ve just received the OORT set, how do I start it up?
    To dive into the OORT ecosystem, you have to plug the SmartHub into a power socket and configure it by connecting to a dedicated website via your desktop or laptop web browser.
  • What is OORT?
    OORT is a unique, patent-pending technology that allows people to make their world smarter. With OORT, users can control their working or living environment with a single app and create smart systems tailored to their needs. OORT is simple, universal and designed to create comfort and peace of mind. OORT’s vision is to enhance people’s lives through a rich ecosystem of smart devices that bring new usability and security to homes and offices alike. We design sophisticated hardware and software that transforms ordinary devices into smart ones and enable our customers to control them from anywhere, including their home, office or anywhere in between. Built around OORT SmartHub, the OORT ecosystem consists of a wide range of sensors (temperature, smoke, humidity, air quality, motion, light) and smart devices (lamps, lights, sockets, etc.). Due to its open architecture, OORT easily interacts with existing 3rd-party wearable devices and our modular beacons are designed for easy integration with 3rd-party hardware such as garage doors, motorized windows curtains, coffee machines, etc. OORT’s software enables our customers to control and interact with all devices via a mobile interface or web browser, both from close proximity or remotely.
  • What operating system do I need to have in order to control OORT using my computer?
    One of the most significant challenges was presenting a seamless OORT experience regardless of the device. This led us to design a web-based interface. You’ll be able to use it on virtually any OS of your choice, from Linux and OS X to Windows and even Chrome OS.
  • What smartphones are supported?
    In order to control OORT devices, your smartphone needs to have Bluetooth SMART. Thus, we support iOS 7.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher.
    The list of all devices we currently support you will find here
  • Where can I purchase OORT?
    Currently, you can purchase OORT on our online shop SHOP NOW , on Amazon or from our chosen distributors.