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create FTP accounts using cpannel

In this post, I will show you how to create FTP accounts using the channel. Cpanel is the most widely used Control panel for web hosting providers. To create FTP accounts :

1. Login to Cpanel. Logging in to Cpanel is easy. Just punch in the panel URL in your browser and hit enter. You will see the panel login page with its logo


2. On the Cpanel Home, Scroll to Files and click on FTP accounts.


3. Create the account you want. Fill up the details as asked. Below is a screen capture of how it looks along with an explanation of each field.


Login: Put the username to login to your account, Like your name or something else which you can use to login to this FTP account.

Password: Password will be the password used to authenticate this account. Use a not easy guessable password.

Directory name: Put the name of the directory which will be the home for this user. Mean to say, when you log in using this account, you will be in this directory. it’s a good idea to put a directory name similar to the purpose you are using this account for like personal data or backup or music or something else you say.

Quota: This is the max limit of disk space for this user. If you have an unlimited plan then you can go for unlimited otherwise limit the quota for each user account.

4. Hit create FTP account: hit Create FTP account and you are done!. the account has been created.

Now you are ready to use your FTP with the username and password you just generated.

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