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Force Windows to Shutdown Quickly

Sometimes we are in quite hurry and need to shut down the computer faster, but if we have some programs running, Windows Does not let us do that, instead of presents us with a pointless message box asking to Kill many tasks manually. That irritates and the point is we know we have to shut down the computer As soon as possible, If not we could have closed everything and then shutdown, Right? So, How can we force windows to shut down quickly?

Force Windows to Shutdown Quickly

Can we tell the computer to kill applications forcefully without asking ?

Yes, In this Registry tip, We are going to see how can we modify some hidden settings to force windows shutdown quickly.

Let’s Do it
Open Registry Editor
Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop”.
In Right Side,Right click anywhere and select New = > String Value
Name it “HungAppTimeOut” (without quotes)
Double click on this new value and enter 1000 (1000 is millisecond value)
Close the registry editor and you are done.
Now Next time, It wont ask you to kill anything instead will kill the apps in 1 second. So you have just force windows to shutdown quickly instead of taking much time.

Be careful while editing the registry, It’s very easy to make mistakes in registry and mess up the with the computer. If something goes wrong, Don’t Panic and try reverting what you have done.

You can ask for help in comments below anytime.

So, What you think ? Sounds easy ?

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